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Throttle Rocker - rechts Stuk

Throttle Rocker - rechts Stuk

voor gashandel

De Throttle Rocker II helpt de druk polsen, handen en ellebogen te verminderen waardoor vermoeidheid, tintelingen e.d. worden voorkomen . Vooral ideaal op de lange rit.
Ook voor linker handel beschikbaar
Past op iedere handgreep! 100% Universeel !!

Verzendkosten binnen NL € 2,50

With its sturdy hook and loop strap, it’s a cinch to take on or off. The new model comes in left and right. It seems our customers wanted one as a ‘rest’ for their left hand too.

Ask anyone who uses a Throttle Rocker. They all say the same thing – no more "death grip." In other words, you no longer have to squeeze the grip to operate the throttle. This literally means, "an easy ride in the palm of your hand." No more cramping, and longer stress free rides - the motorcycle accessory you wish you've always had!

Using Throttle Rocker, the grip won’t slip in your hand because your fingers have become tired. Consequently, you won’t be faced with constantly repositioning your grasp to maintain your desired speed.

Here are just some of Throttle Rocker’s featured benefits:

   * Operate the throttle with an open and relaxed hand.
   * Reduces hand fatigue and cramping
   * Fits comfortably against the heel and palm of the hand, making long rides more enjoyable
   * Makes throttling easier, especially while wearing heavy gloves
   * Eliminates throttle "creep" due to hand fatigue
   * It is not a throttle lock. When you release downward pressure the throttle returns to idle.
   * Alleviates strain known to aggravate or cause conditions such as carpal tunnel, tendentious and arthritis.

Hey, cruise control is great when you are out on the open highway with nothing but open road rolling out ahead of you. But what about when you are riding in groups, between stoplights, or on that winding country road? Face it, for a large portion of your riding you can’t use cruise control. But by adding a Throttle Rocker you’ll have the best of both worlds.

If you have cruise control, great, but when you can’t use it you’ll be glad you have a Throttle Rocker.


   * Injection molded out of a sturdy, Hi-Tec polymer to withstand years of tough use.
   * Fastens to any motorcycle grip using an adjustable hook and loop strap.
   * Comes in any color you want – as long as you want black.

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Euro 11.95


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Throttle Rocker - rechts  Stuk